Bucharest, Romania

October 8 – November 5, 2017

During my residency, I am engaging with two major teaching activities. One is a seminar on the information technology of Galileo's entourage, which aims to prove, among other things, the insufficiently acknowledged function played by the philological tool-box (letter-writing, note-taking, marginalia, and so on) for the shaping of new science. The second is a course on the dynamics of the Aristotelian science of natural problems from antiquity to the Paduan community ca. 1600. This class focuses on a single philosophical genre, assessing its validity as epistemic vehicle, touches upon the medical and meteorological debate, and also discusses structures and strategies of the Peripatetic corpus as seen by early modern readers.

In addition to these cycles of lectures, I am offering a lunch-time talk at the IRH, whose information is on my main lectures page.