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Scholarly papers delivered

48, including 18 as an invited speaker and 1 keynote address (in San Francisco, 2009). 


2018. “Framing Christianity in Late Antique Syria: Social Networks and Rhetorical Agonism in the “School“ of Edessa,” workshop Inclusion and Exclusion in Late Antique and Early Modern Mediterranean, organized by Yaniv Fox and Peter Schadler, Dickinson College, Washington, D.C. Click here to read a description.

2017. “Prisca Historia: Rethinking Francesco Patrizi's Anti-Aristotelian Philology from Humanist Doxography to English Empiricism,” brown-bag seminar, IRH, Bucharest. Click here to read a description.

2017. “The Alcestis Effect: Warburg and the Religion of the Ancients in Imperial Hamburg,” ISIH conference, American University in Bulgaria.

2017. “Ottoman Cartography in the Veneto: A Reappraisal of the World Map of Hajji Ahmed,” Scientiae conference, University of Padua.

2017. “Gian Vincenzo Pinelli and the Rise of the Mathematical Practitioner in the Veneto,” workshop Beyond the Academy: The Practice of Mathematics from the Renaissance to the Nineteenth Century, organized by Philip Beeley and Christopher Hollings, British Society of History of Mathematics, York. Click here to read a description.

2016. “A 1509 List of Euclid Aficionados: Antiquarianism and Early Science in Sixteenth-Century Venice,” workshop Teaching mathematics in the early modern world, organized by Benjamin Wardhaugh, All Souls College, Oxford. Click here to read a description.

2016. “Imperial Bibliophilia: Mastering Information in the Venetian Years (1539-1546) of Diego Hurtado de Mendoza,” workshop Wars of Knowledge: Iberian Imperial Hegemony and the Assembling of Libraries, organized by Marta Albalá Pelegrín, PAMLA meeting, Pasadena.

2016. “Erasmus and Byzantium: A Reappraisal of the Influence of Greek Scholarship on the Origins of Early Modern Print Culture,” annual meeting of the Byzantine Society of America, Cornell University.

2016. “Atticism and Antagonism: Greek Antiquarianism, Scholarly Networks, and the Career of the Sophist Alcidamas in Renaissance Italy,” conference The Sophistic Renaissance, organized by Teodoro Katinis, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice.

2016. “The Memorialization of Impolite Humor in Galileo,” Scientiae conference, College of St. Anne, Oxford.

2016. “Bernardino Baldi and the Pseudo-Aristotelian Tradition,” RSA meeting, Boston.

2015. “A 1509 List of Euclid Aficionados: Antiquarianism and Early Science in Sixteenth-Century Venice,” IRH, Bucharest.

2015. “The role of Rationalized Synchronism in Manetho and Georgios Synkellos: Bridging Egyptian and Byzantine Antiquities,” annual meeting of the Byzantine Society of America, New York.

2015. “Early Modern Book Trading and Network Theory: A Sea-to-Inland Perspective,” conference (Re)Building Networks, University of Maryland.

2015. “Galileo e l’idea rinascimentale dell’accademia domestica,” conference Il volgare: idee, testi e contesti, organized by Marco Sgarbi, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. Click here for a video of this talk.

2015. “Hapax Legomena: Imaginary Libraries, Antiquarianism, and Travel Writing in the Age of François I,” Colloque François I, organized by François Rouget, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

2015. “Understanding Automata in the Early Modern Mediterranean,” CHAM conference, Universidade Nova, Lisbon.

2015. “Understanding Automata in the Early Modern Mediterranean,” Scientiae conference, Victoria College, Toronto.

2015. “Antiquarianism and Information Overload,” conference Coping with Copia: Epistemological Excess in Early Modern Art and Science, organized by Fabian Krämer and Itay Sapir, Montréal.

2015. “Castiglione’s Green Sense of Theater,” conference Net Structures and Agencies in Early Modern Drama, organized by Joachim Küpper, Freie Universität, Berlin.

2015. “Writing History in the Age of Francesco Patrizi,” roundtable, RSA meeting, Berlin

2014. “Ruzante in Villa: A Sixteenth-Century Soundboard,” conference The Early Modern Villa: The Senses and Perceptions versus Materiality, organized by Barbara Arciszewska, King Jan III’s Palace, Warsaw.

2014. “Book Trading from Provincial to International Horizons: The Case of Giordano Bruno,” ISIH conference, Victoria College, Toronto.

2014. “The Spider’s Plan: Patrizi’s Rhetoric and Lucretian Physics,” conference Francesco Patrizi: Philosopher of the Renaissance, organized by Tomáš Nejeschleba, Palacky University, Olomouc.

2014. “Nautical Knowledge and Social Experience in the Early Modern Atlantic World,” Scientiae conference, Wien.

2014. “Aretino, Tintoretto, and the Venetian Poligrafi: For a Cultural Diagram of the Poor Style,” RSA meeting, New York.

2012. “A Printer’s Tale: Global Exchange and Street Culture Between Spain and Venice,” Fordham University, New York.

2012. “The Urban Sensorium of the Roman Celestina (1506),” RSA meeting, Washington, D.C.

2011. “Erasmus’ Hand: A Graphic Problem of Renaissance Humanism,” MMLA meeting, St. Louis.

2011. “Ruscelli, the Books of Secrets, and a Sixteenth-Century Venetian Museum in Motion,” AAHM meeting, Philadelphia.

2010. “La carrera de Celestina: Itinerarios urbanos y comercio del libro en Venecia (siglo XVI),” Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas, Rome.

2010. “The Birth of the Renaissance Bookshop,” plenary session of the project Making Publics, Montréal.

2010. “Comedies for Commodities: The Exotic in Andrea Calmo,“ RSA meeting, Venice.

2009. “Boccaccio's Dante,” American Boccaccio Association meeting, MLA congress, San Francisco.

2009. “Sparsa semina, or whether Ciceronianism is disputable on both sides,” 17th Biennial Conference of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Montréal.

2009. “Teofilo Folengo and Giordano Bruno from Venice to London: Theater, City Culture, and the Print Market,” symposium Folengo in America, organized by Massimo Scalabrini, Bloomington.

2009. “Bembo and the Pessimus Agricola: Nature and Culture in Renaissance Italy,” RSA meeting, Los Angeles.

2007. “Roman Ecotopia: Virgil, Tacitus, and the Ethnographical Tradition,” Institute for Environmental Studies, Colgate University.

2006. “A Pre-History of Bembo’s Prose della volgar lingua,” Trinity College, Hartford.

2006. “L’attribuzione come laboratorio interdisciplinare,” conference of the American Association for Italian Studies, Genoa.

2006. “Montaigne and exemplum,” Indiana University, Bloomington.

2005. “La silva, il teatro, e la satira nella tradizione italiana,” conference of the American Association for Italian Studies, Washington, D.C.

2005. “Dante and the Rhetorical Use of Macrobius’s Saturnalia,” 40th International congress on medieval studies, Kalamazoo.

2004. (with Marco Pacioni) “Fra impicci e pasticci. Lessico e forma-romanzo in Manzoni e Gadda,” Indiana University, Bloomington.

2004. “Il pantografo dei fossi: il genere eroicomico nell’età galileiana,” graduate student colloquium, Ohio State University.

2004. “Tifi Odasi and the ‘Demonic’ Physiology of the Woman’s Body,” graduate student colloquium, Brown University, Providence.

2003. “Ricerche filologiche e interpretative sugli Apologi dell’Alberti,” seminar in romance philology, organized by Giovanni Orlandi, University of Milan.

2002. “La trasmissione testuale delle Lettere personali di Abelardo,” seminar in romance philology, organized by Giovanni Orlandi, University of Milan.