I believe my generation has experienced a dire failure of most traditional academic institutions to foster and protect new knowledge: temporary contracts and legions of talented graduates without job prospect are only part of the problem. Unfortunately, there are still only a few institutes of advanced studies that pursue what I see as most necessary, a new vision of integrated research across disciplines. In these conditions, it is crucial that the communities in which research is taking place remain open, accessible, and bolstered by independent scholars as well. In this spirit, and to the extent of my capacities, I have cultivated access to knowledge and knowledge production in different ways, from conferences and publications to teaching, public dissemination and digital platforms, including a new school I founded in 2012 at 445 Lafayette St. in New York (a dismissed warehouse used for theatrical and musical rehearsals), which was short-lived but important to me and those who attended it. What follows below is a sample of my commitment and its shared common ground.


In the last five years, I have written approximately 450 blog posts, variously related to my research interests. In this way, my activity has reached half a million non-specialist readers, penetrating into countries (as seen in the audience graph above) such as Russia or Ukraine, where English is not a primary form of expression. On the new site of Alla Turca I hope to improve my efforts, hosting new interviews with authors and guest pieces.


I am a member of the executive committee of the association Scientiae. I am also a well-known presenter and organizer at such intellectual platforms as ISIH, RSAAmerican Historical Association, Byzantine Society of America, MLA, ESHS, Center for Jewish History, and British Society for the History of Science. Finally, I subscribe to these venues: Rhetorica, Quaderni di storia, and the Journal of the History of Ideas


I served as executive editor in two literary magazines during the early years of my career, during which time I developed both their public outreach and their relation with the radio. I recorded a podcast documentary on Guglielmo Marconi for the Guggenheim Museum, and participated in public debates in Brooklyn. I also design websites, including this one, and I maintain an active presence on Twitter.

academic referees

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