Parma, Italy


I cannot speak enough of the kindness and efficiency of the personnel at the Biblioteca Palatina in Parma, which remains, despite or perhaps precisely because of its wealth of primary sources (mostly in print), strangely peripheral and hidden in plain sight, as it were. I went there looking for some of the manuscripts of Francesco Patrizi that had been described by Kristeller and studied, at least to my knowledge, only intermittently, if at all. I spent time with Pal. 665, which has to do with the revision of Patrizi's Nova and the supervision of these editorial and theoretical changes by the Jesuit authorities in Rome.

Then I worked on Pal. 909, which contains an extraordinary (and Aristotelian) reflection on ethics and which is almost entirely made up by synoptic tables and commonplacing techniques. I plan to publish something on it soon, and I already give a public exposition of my findings at a lecture in Bucharest.